People Holding Tuna Sandwiches
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People Holding Tuna Sandwiches
Not a tuna sandwich but what the hell.
shockw4ves asked : I don't like holding Tuna sandwiches, they smell bad. Albeit I do like looking at pictures of tuna sandwiches and their holders/creators. Am I welcome?

yes! everyone is welcome!!

11th December, Sunday (1:10pm) Reblog ↬
Here, have a tuna sandwich!
Anonymous asked : do you like making love?

uuhhhh yes, i do 

5th December, Monday (2:47pm) Reblog ↬
holding tuna sandwich

really? this is ridiculous you have a site only with photos of people  holding tuna sandwich.hahahahaahahahahhahaah, no. RIDICULOUS

18th September, Sunday (4:21pm) Reblog ↬
sleepy sarah contemplates tuna sandwiches.
ok, so i know this isn’t HOLDING, but its still a tuna sandwich.
picturesque tuna
claire threatening khamile with a tuna sandwich.